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who: people like you

what: an opportunity to enjoy coffee and conversation

why: because drinking good coffee with likeminded people is fun

when: the third friday of every month (just about)

where: all over the world (see right)

how: started by piers and noah, carried out by likeminds around the world

updates: or RSS Feed or iCal

what do i do as a likemind host?

1. find a partner (or let us find one for you). two people must host a likemind.

2. buy nametags and pass them out (that way people can address each other by name)

3. collect the names and email addresses of all that came so that we can add them to the forum afterwards

4. have a good time and talk to people

5. buy something from the place you're holding likemind

what don't i do?

1. don't moderate or set an agenda

other stuff?

the success and growth of likemind in your city is really your responsibility. to some extent likemind will only be as big or small as you make it. while we will promote it on the site and emails, we can't make sure people show up, you've got to do that.

what's your name?

what's your email?

where are you?

what's your website/blog address? (if you don't have one don't sweat it)

type the word ilovecoffee (for spam purposes)

what are you going to get out of likemind?

who will you invite?

do you have a partner? if so, what's their name and do they have a website/blog?