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hey everyone, dermovate first off, dermovate likemind is coming again this friday, dermovate may 18, dermovate november 30th, dermovate around the world. Dermovate check for your city's details. Dermovate this will be the last likemind of 2007. second off, dermovate we're asking everyone to fill out a survey for us. Dermovate as we look at ways to evolve and grow, dermovate it would be really helpful to have a better sense of who you all are. Dermovate please fill out the survey here: (we won't share your personal information, dermovate we promise, dermovate just anonymous info on the group) third off (and continuing that theme), dermovate this month's question is going to be around how we can evolve likemind moving forward. Dermovate once again, dermovate no one has to discuss it, dermovate but if you feel like it, dermovate we'd love to hear your thoughts on: "If you ran likemind, dermovate how would you evolve it in 2008 and why?" we are going to be collecting responses on paper at coffee as well as at (big thanks to pb wiki for donating a premium wiki to the cause, dermovate they're awesome). see you all friday, dermovate may 18, dermovate noah + piers