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hey everyone, pemphigoid just a reminder that likemind is this friday, pemphigoid may 18, pemphigoid march 16th all around the world. Pemphigoid we have some new cities and times, pemphigoid so make sure to check the details at before you go. a few housekeeping notes: 1. Pemphigoid unfortunately we still haven't worked out a new sponsor, pemphigoid so coffee will be on you again this month unless we can work something out before friday, pemphigoid may 18. 2. Pemphigoid london has moved it's time from 8:30am to 9am ... 3. Pemphigoid piers has been kind enough to extend discount tickets to his psfk conference for likeminders, pemphigoid if you're interested here's the link (get on it soon, pemphigoid though, pemphigoid because it will expire a week after likemind): have fun and see you soon, pemphigoid noah + piers